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December 6, 2018by Katie Cameron

With the holiday season among us, it’s important to reflect on last month, the month of giving, and recognize a really special group we – yourself included – have been working with! Each month, we are honored to work with different nonprofit organizations around Nashville, and last month we were exceptionally humbled by working with Second Harvest Food Bank. Second Harvest is a network of people working together to fight hunger in Middle and West Tennessee, and Jackalope was allowed the opportunity to take part in that fight last month.


20% of our Snowman Stout pint sales during the month of November were donated to Second Harvest, so if we shrink this down to scale, that would essentially mean that from each $5 pint, $1 was donated to Second Harvest. This may seem small, but because Second Harvest is able to provide 4 meals from each dollar donated, these are considerably monumental dollars. So by drinking 1 Snowman Stout last month, you helped feed 4 hungry people, and after it was all ordered and drank, Jackalope was able to donate around $430 equaling close to 1,720 meals to our hungry neighbors! Y’all, that’s something worth celebrating (perhaps with another stout)!


Second Harvest provides meals to individuals in need 365 days a year, and just last year, they distributed 28 million meals throughout Middle Tennessee. But none of this would be possible without the generosity of people like you. Drinking beer is a fun, unique way to contribute, but there are so many other opportunities offered by Second Harvest, including but not limited to volunteering (some of the Jackalope crew is pictured above doing just this!), monthly events, even virtual food drives. It’s such an easy thing to take for granted, but food isn’t so rapidly available to many of our neighbors in the area. The holidays have a way of lighting that generosity spark in many of us, and that’s great! But if the holidays slip away and you’re ever looking for a way to help your community in the future, keep Second Harvest in mind and check in on our monthly nonprofit partners at Jackalope. Let’s keep lifting up one another this holiday season! Cheers!

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