And we think you'll love it too.

We’re also quite fond of our little beer family. Learn more about these folks below.


Bailey was born and raised in Vermont and attended Harvard University, graduating with a degree in Biological Anthropology. She moved to Nashville in 2006 to attend Vanderbilt University Law School.  It was then that Bailey started homebrewing and discovered that her passion for brewing beer greatly outweighed her passion for studying law. She started writing her own recipes and cooking up the idea for Jackalope Brewing Company, and upon graduation dove headfirst into brewery planning.  Two years later, on May 21, 2011, Jackalope opened its doors. When not at the brewery, Bailey spends as much time as possible in the great outdoors with her husband, Luke, and her spotty dog, Ricky.


A native of Needham, Massachusetts and graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Steve moved to Nashville in 2009 with his wife, Lindsay. Shortly after moving to Nashville, Steve met Bailey, who taught him to brew, sold him on her dream of starting a brewery, and convinced him that Jackalopes were in fact real. He has served the brewery in every facet since 2010 and currently is the President and Head of Operations. Steve loves the community that Jackalope (and craft beer) helps create and his favorite pint is the one shared with friends. When not at Jackalope you might find Steve at Sevier Park with his wife, Lindsay, and two daughters, Evelyn and Millie. Steve is also a big hockey fan so you may see him at Bridgestone Arena cheering on the Predators or at the Centennial Sportsplex competing with his hockey team the Jackalope Dark Knights.


You will mainly find Will working on production in the brewery. He follows each brew through every stage making sure the beer holds true to Jackalope’s high quality standards. From brew day to keg day, Will is involved with every aspect of the beer making process. On his days off you will find him enjoying a pint in the taproom or even giving tours. One thing he loves more than making the beer is talking about it to complete strangers. Will comes to us from Memphis, TN where he grew up a diehard Grizzlies fan. During basketball season, if he’s not working, he’s at a bar cheering on Memphis with a pint of Jackalope in his hand. If you see Will at the brewery, say hello. He’s usually pretty nice.


Kristen discovered her love of beer while living abroad and came back to Nashville in 2012 to find a home at Jackalope. She loves dark beers, good friends, traveling, and her toothless cat named Casper. Chances are you can find her at home in her garden, searching for ways to have less of an impact on our environment, or making plans to visit her 7th & final continent, Antarctica.

Sales CoordinatorBRENT LaFEVER

Brent is a born and bred Tennessean, hailing from the quaint town of Cookeville. From canning, to bartending, Brent has finally made his way to the world of sales for Jackalope. He’s the man with a plan to get tasty, unfiltered craft beer from Jackalope in your belly 365 days of the year. If you see him, ask him how Jackalope helped him become the amazing single father to a wonderful rescue gerbil, Bart.


Hailing from the great beer state of Michigan, Kat moved to Nashville on a whim. Once she stepped into Jackalope’s taproom she instantly felt like she was home and knew this was the brewery for her. Fortunately Bailey and Steve offered her a job and she’s been pouring Jackalope’s delightful beer ever since. Away from the Jackalope taproom you may have seen Kat out on the roller derby track alongside the Nashville Rollergirls roller derby team jamming and blocking away as her alter ego Ramona D. Flowers #7exb. Kat also loves shooting the breeze about her Boston Terrier Shmubby, whatever the guys on 102.5 The Game sports radio are talking about, and the Nashville Predators.


A good ol’ country boy from Franklin, TN, who occasionally brews beer to some pretty heavy rap.

Assistant Taproom ManagerMIRANDA CHANDLER

Miranda is an aspiring artist originally from Opelika, Alabama. She moved to Nashville in the late summer of 2016 in search of a new scene and greater opportunities. With some previous brewery experience in hand, she found a home here at Jackalope Brewing Company where she continues to sling beer and offer killer tours of the brewery. When not behind the bar chatting about great beer and aliens, you can most likely catch her working on numerous art projects or letting loose at some rock ’n’ roll show in town. Miranda also enjoys spending time outdoors and hanging out with her Dalmatian pup, Dabo, and her sweet Kurt Cobain Kitty. Ask to see pics!

Assistant Taproom ManagerRUSSELL HANBERRY

Russell showed up in Nashville in the early 80’s and liked it so much he decided to stay. As a seemingly rare native, he’s seen Nashville blossom from a country music capital to a beer and bachelorette mecca. His passion for craft beer brought him to Jackalope in 2018 after bartending in craft beer bars all over town. Be sure to stop by the Ranch and get him talking “Old Nashville.” We call him Hambone. You can too! He loves it.


Josh Scales is a Texas transplant new to Nashville.  After graduating from Texas A&M University (Class of ‘14, WHOOP!) he began working for a microbrewery in College Station, Texas.  There he discovered his brew legs and love for the craft beer industry.  Josh moved to Nashville fall of ‘17 in search of a brewery and found a new home at Jackalope.  Josh enjoys a crisp pilsner in the spring, a tart Berliner in the summer, a dry ESB in the fall, and a warm stout in the winter.  He loves anime, fishing, Incubus, Ender’s Game, D&D, and camping in the Great Smoky Mountains with his family.


Ivan started at Jackalope in 2017 and loves brewing for a living. In his free time, you will find him playing with his dog Harley and fishing. He loves having a laugh, hanging out, and drinking a cold one. He’s lived in Nashville since 2010 and now calls it home. If you find him around the brewery or in the tap room, come say hey.


(CUE EPIC MUSIC) In a world devastated by thirst, one man stands in defiance! His name is Nate and it is his job to get that beer to you! By kegging, fulfilling orders, and talking to the distributers, this Maryland native makes sure no glass goes unfilled. When he is not working diligently in the back of the brewery you can usually find him in the taproom, quoting Star Wars or blurting out some piece of obscure archaeological knowledge.


Grant Ferris hails from the great state of Nebraska where he left his dreams of Nickelback cover band stardom for the wonder that is Music City. He got his start in craft beer after that jerk Noah Denney got him a job at The Filling Station and the rest is history. He is incredibly proud to be a part of the solid crew that is Jackalope Brewing Company and excited to be a part of the craft beer scene in Nashville. When not slingin’ brews, Grant can be found cooking, playing classical guitar, or looking like Seth Rogen.


Noah moved to Nashville 10 years ago from Virginia and somehow has not yet been asked to leave. A veteran of Nashville’s booming craft beer industry, Noah recently decided to stop slinging every beer Nashville had to offer and narrow his focus. Instead, he wanted to find a local brewery home where the beer was great and the people were even better. Lucky for him, Jackalope has become that home. When he’s not behind the bar or arguing with Brent about who has the best hair, Noah is usually traveling the country making obnoxiously loud rock and roll music.


Mark is a big fan of drinkin’ beer and playing music. He’s the tall one. If you need someone to reach something, Mark is your guy. Also, he loves compliments on his luscious locks.

Office ManagerSARAH ENGLE

Born and raised in the hills of East Tennessee near Knoxville and the Smoky Mountains, Sarah was born thinking craft-brewed meant sweet tea or moonshine. Growing up there, she learned to love the outdoors and the color orange. A few years after moving to the Nashville area she stumbled upon Jackalope and never left. Now she uses her master skills of keeping track of her four boys to keep track of our beer. Sarah’s always happy to have a chat and a beer, so stop in and say hi.


After hopping around the world for 8 years, Tiffany found herself back in an entirely different Nashville. From then, her love for food, craft beer, and wine developed quickly. In the Fall of 2017, she met Bailey and Kristen at the Hop Harvest dinner where she tasted Thunder Ann for the first time. The rest is history. When she’s not at work, you may find her snuggled up with her dogs, Squid and Ladybird, or Casper, her friendly cat. If you mention League of Legends, Harry Potter, or A Song of Ice and Fire to her, you’ll easily make a new friend.

Maintenance & Canning Line ManagerBEN MASTERSON

The favorite of three children, Ben grew up in south side neighborhood exploring the avenues of Chicago and eating the best pizza in the world. He moved to Nashville in the summer of 2018 to try his hand at the “country” and the rest is history.

Quality Control SpecialistBRIAN GORDON

Level 3 Beer Alchemist

Str -3

Dex +1

Con +0

Int +2

Wis +1

Cha +0

Yeast Whisperer: Once a day, Brian can commune with a yeast pitch to convince it to ferment 1D4 days quicker.

Microbiolocial Defender: Jackalope Brewing receives a +2 to all saving throws against Bacteria and Wild Yeast.


Eleonore proudly works at Jackalope with her husband, Noah,  and 20 of her closest friends. She’s an avid beer lover and former bottle shop salesperson who enjoys talking to customers from all walks of life about what makes Jackalope and Nashville so special. When Eleonore is not behind the bar, you can catch her around town playing violin for some of Nashville’s finest. Voted most likely to show you pictures of her cat, Waffle.

Production AssistantANDREA MAY

Andrea is one of the many loyal Jackalope customers turned employee.  She moved to Nashville from Seattle, WA in 2005 and hasn’t looked back.  When she’s not working back in the brewery you can find her hanging with her husband and two boys attending live music or baking up some beer infused baked goods in her kitchen.

Production AssistantCHRIS DONOHUE

A New York City native, Chris Donohue gave in to his decades-old curiosity about the craft beer brewing process and joined the Jackalope team in 2018. When not pursuing his “Real-World MBA” as a Jackalope Production Assistant, Chris is an active composer/producer/bassist, climber, hiker, and coffee roaster. He lives with his wife, two daughters, and cattledog in a funky old East Nashville house with peeling paint.


After leaving her hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi in November of 2017, Gia was excited to spread her wings towards more opportunities and – most importantly- more craft breweries here in Nashville. When she’s not chillin like a villain in our taprooms, you can find her on a nearby hiking trail, searching for the city’s best pizza joint, or crushing people at a not-so-friendly game of Mario Karts. In order to fund her insatiable wanderlust, she also spends her spare time making and selling her own organic nut butters, which coincidentally helps feed her unhealthy peanut butter addiction. If you see her, ask her about the time she ended up on a random boat with MySpace Tom.


Part-time beertender and full-time Jackalope enthusiast, it was love at first Bearwalker for Kait. The self-appointed #1 fan and unofficial spokesperson for our tasty maple brown ale lives her life according to the mantra that “Strangers are just friends that you haven’t met yet.” A chatterbox by nature, our girl can and WILL happily bend your ear over a pint or two on topics ranging anywhere from hidden Nashville gems to her two most favorite pooches, Honey & Twinkie. Don’t believe it? Swing by the taproom and see for yourself! 🙂


Kathleen is a third-generation native Nashvillian who loves good beer made by great people and is honored to join the herd at Jackalope as a Certified Level One Beer Server. When she isn’t slinging the South’s best brews in her beloved hometown, she can be found shooting pool, playing pinball, or hiking the hills with her awesome dog, Ducky. Stop in for a swig and swap some old Opryland stories with her soon.


Katie’s path brought her from the great Old Dominion state of Virginia to Music City in November 2017, transplant style. She got her craft beer start back in 2014, but took an educational hiatus in order to crush cheap domestics like the rest of the college kiddos, and that hard road led her right here to Jackalope in early 2018. If you can’t find her behind the bar, check any mountaintop or waterfall and you’ll probably stumble upon her there, taking photos, or writing for the Jackalope blog.


Sophia is a fresh face to Tennessee and a newbie to the Jackalope team. She has been back and forth from the west coast, coupling herself back up with the east coast vibes she grew up with. Going from the wine industry in the Napa Valley to the beer world in Nashville, Sophia is excited to embark on the adventures Jackalope has set out for her. When you don’t see her at the brewery, Sophia is most likely singing and dancing along to a Broadway soundtrack of some kind. Next time you see her, ask which one!