Monster Mash

September 24, 2019by Jackalope Lisa

A Halloween Party like no other! Nashville’s Least Sexy Halloween Party is at The Ranch at Jackalope Brewing Co. on Saturday, October 26th from 8pm-12am. Spooky beer and spookier beer cocktails (We did name a beer after a creature that feeds on human corpses, after all. Cheers to you Rompo!).

This year we’re introducing for the first time ever a HAUNTED BREWERY. That’s right. The brewery has been inhabited by a poltergeist, brewers have gone missing… and Jackalope Brewing Co.’s The Ranch has been haunted! More info. 

Click here for Haunted Brewery tickets.

There will be a Costume Contest, as follows:

1) Least Sexy Costume wins a trick-or-treat bag of king-size candy bars
2) Most Sexy Costume wins a trick-or-treat bag of dental floss and popcorn balls (and possibly those terrible black and orange peanut butter candies that your grandmother gave you)
3) Best Jackalope Beer-Themed Costume wins surprise Jackalope swag!

Joined by our friends at Daddy’s Dogs all. night. It’ll be like traveling back in time to your prom, as a zombie. So get ready to boogie to some DJ tunes!

No Cover, 21+ only, please.