Haunted Brewery

October 10, 2019by Jackalope Lisa

The brewery has been inhabited by a poltergeist, brewers have gone missing… and Jackalope Brewing Co.’s The Ranch has been HAUNTED. Follow the creaks and narrow hallways that inhabit The Ranch’s production area with Safety Specialist Polly Darton, alongside many scurrying critters that help make Jackalope beer so eerily legendary. Grab a beer, a flashlight, and a spooky hand as Polly tries to keep everything in working order and everyone safe from a brew experiment gone terribly wrong. One wrong turn, and you could end up in the next brew…

The Haunted Brewery tour will be open from 8:00-10:00pm as part of Nashville’s Least Sexy Halloween Party, Monster Mash, at The Ranch Taproom on October 26 from 8:00pm-12:00am. Your $5 tour ticket includes a frightful 10-minute scurry through the Jackalope brewing facility, enough to keep you on your toes… running away from the creatures, straight to the bar.

Click here for Haunted Brewery tickets. 


  • 21+, only.
  • We (think) we have sense of humor. Although we’d like you to be scared, we hope to make you laugh on this tour as well.
  • The tour will be pitch black with many flashing lights. If you have issues with either of these things, this may not be your tour.
  • Although some walk-up tickets will be available, we recommend reserving your spot. Head to www.jackalopebrew.com/tours for tickets.
  • This is a Haunted Brewery (think Haunted House). If you’re looking for an educational brewery tour, check out one of our other tour offerings.