NewsPolar Bears & Penguins - Jackalope Brewing Company

January 19, 2023by Jackalope Lisa

NEW Legendary IPA Polar Bears & Penguins is a Cold IPA, named for animals that are “polar” opposites, never meeting in the wild. Earthy and floral with citrusy undertones, it has the hop character of a classic IPA combined with a crisp, clean finish to create an impossibly delicious brew.

Available now on draft & in 16oz cans at The Ranch taproom! Coming soon to retailers near you!

What is a Cold IPA you may ask? An IPA fermented at colder temperatures than classic IPAs (we used our lager yeast strain and fermented colder than an ale, but warmer than a lager), with a nice crisp grain bill to create a hop-forward yet crushable beer. Dry-hopping during active fermentation to encourage biotransformation is also a key component, if you want to sound real smart to your friends.