Science Club

July 11, 2019by Jackalope Lisa

Meet at The Ranch at 6:00pm on 7/11 for Nashville Science Club!

Topic: What We Can Learn From Toxic Plant-Insect Interactions

Synopsis: Stephanie is a USDA NIFA post-doctoral fellow researching the molecular interactions between pesticide resistance and immunity against pathogens in flour grain beetles in the Tate lab at Vanderbilt. She completed her Ph.D. in 2019 at Vanderbilt (supported by the NSF GRFP) using a non-model insect species, the milkweed-oleander aphid, to investigate the role of gene expression plasticity in adaptation to toxic environments. Prior to her Ph.D., Stephanie worked at Emory University as a lab manager after completing her B.S. degree from Emory in 2010. She is broadly interested in the evolution of specialization and the molecular mechanisms underlying obligate species interactions.