Bingo Bingo!: Big Lebowski

February 12, 2020by Jackalope Lisa

THE DUDE ABIDES! The Dude In Red is bowling a perfect score of fun, beer, and of course new prizes celebrating The Big Lebowski. Free to play, bathrobe attire and Maude-y attitudes encouraged. You wanna see what happens Larry?! Grab your crew of Dude’s, Walter’s, and Donny’s in a can, and head on over to BingoBingo at the Ranch, all are welcome, Jesus too!

Free to play with challenges each round from Five-In-A-Row, to Four Square, to Black-Out, and more. The fun doesn’t stop there, the more you play, the more chances you have of winning, and each win gets you a prize PLUS an entry to win our GRAND PRIZE! Enjoy a classic game of Bingo while drinking Jackalope beer with a classy dame calling the shots, breaking hearts, and handing out prizes.

Mark your calendars – next Bingo Bingo! is April 1st – America’s Funniest Home Videos Edition.