The story behind Jackalope Brewing Company


Robyn Virball and Bailey Spaulding

Jackalope Brewing Company is owned by Bailey SpauldingRobyn Virball and Steve Wright, three charming young people with an affection for beer. Bailey and Robyn became friends in September 2002 in the tiny Scottish village of St. Andrews, where Bailey was doing a semester abroad and Robyn was completing her undergraduate degree.  During the next eight years, they both graduated, Bailey went off to Vanderbilt Law School, and Robyn entered the working world, but both thought they were meant for much bigger and more alcoholic things. Steve joined the mix at the end of 2010. He started out as Jackalope’s biggest fan, parlayed that into being the very first Jackalope intern, and is now a full on partner in Jackalope. 

Bailey and Robyn agreed that they wanted to start a craft brewery that was an active member of the community, they wanted to make great beers for the local Nashville bar and restaurant scene, and have a taproom where people could come drink and learn about the brews. Jackalope gets its name for a couple of reasons, but it mostly comes down to Bailey’s fascination with this creature which she used to believe actually existed. She was given a tee-shirt once with a picture of a Jackalope that said “Believe in Yourself”. Cheesy? Yes. But also our unofficial motto. Believe in yourself. Believe in good beer.


Bailey Spaulding


Steve Wright

Chief Operating Officer/Head Brewer

Will Hadley

Assistant Brewer

Sally Cooper

Cellar/Assistant Brewer


Come have some beers with us!


Every Thursday night in the tap room we have a Trivia Time game going. It starts at 8pm and wraps up around 10pm. Come and prove how smart you are and your team could win a $50 gift certificate to the tap room!

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