BlogYou May Have Helped Aid Alzheimer's Research Without Knowing - Here's How! - Jackalope Brewing Company

October 19, 2018by Katie Cameron


As many of you may know, each month, Jackalope partners with a local nonprofit organization, donating 20% of the current seasonal beer sales in support of the Nashville community. This month, we’re working with the Alzheimer’s Association, donating 20% of sales on our summer seasonal, Casper the Friendly Gose. We talked with Todd Jenkins, one of the Nashville Alzheimer’s Association representatives, to get a little more information for people like you who buy Casper and support the Alzheimer’s Association.

Todd, a self-proclaimed fan of our Rompo via a mental connection for him with Sylvester Stallone and Rambo, has taken part in coordinating many events for the Alzheimer’s Association throughout Nashville in order to raise funds and awareness for the organization. “Jackalope has supported our efforts for several years and continues to be a favorite venue for attendees,” he stated, and on behalf of the Jackalope crew, I can say with confidence that we love working with them as well! Next time you decide to buy a pint of Casper, you can drink it with pride knowing that your purchase is helping aid in research, awareness, advocacy, support and care of patients and their families struggling with dementia.