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October 24, 2018by Katie Cameron


As much as some of us may fight it, we’re leaving summer behind and making the transition into colder weather. Some call it winter, but we call it dark beer season. And we’re stoked on it! The Snowman Stout will soon be making its grand return, so let’s take it back to the beginning of Jackalope time and talk about how it all started. Three main ingredients went into the idea of the Snowman Stout: Coffee, Chocolate, and Community. The recipe may have been altered a bit to include things like yeast and grain, but those 3 core ideas are, in part, what have brought this beer back for a 7th year at Jackalope.


The beer started, like many here at Jackalope, as a homebrew for Bailey, but it was later decided that Nashville needed this “abominably good” (hence, the name Snowman Stout) winter brew. Jackalope’s own Bailey Spaulding and Kristen Westerbeck were then dubbed taste-testers, so they put on their work boots and ventured around the city to find the coffee and chocolate that this beer needed. Due to their hard work and killer taste buds, they decided on cacao nibs from Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co. and Bongo Java coffee, both of which are highly regarded Nashville-based delicacies. This mocha stout contains 40 pounds of coffee per 120-barrel batch, but throughout the brewing process, the caffeine is pretty highly diluted, which is actually great news because you don’t have to pick your poison between coffee or beer – have both! Snowman Stout will be on draft and in cans starting October 26th, giving you time to visit both Bongo Java and Olive & Sinclair in the meantime!

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