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June 11, 2019by Katie Cameron

If you know anything about Jackalope, you probably know that we love honoring strong women. The latest addition to our year-round beer list, a Bohemian pilsner by the name of Sarka, is a great representation of just that. Sarka, originating from the Bohemian tall tale of the Maidens’ War, was a lieutenant of the rebel maidens who was sent on a mission to charm an army of men, leading to an attack that would eventually win them the war. Claiming it was the doing of the rebel maidens, Sarka tied herself to a tree and strategically placed a horn and a jug of mead just out of her reach. The leader of the opposing army of men, Ctirad, stumbled upon Sarka in the midst of this predicament and fell for her story. Upon being released from the tree, Sarka poured the mead all around to show her gratitude to the men that saved her. What the men weren’t privy to, however, was that the mead had been laced with a sleeping potion, and they were soon out for the count. While the men were fast asleep, Sarka blew the horn to signal to the rest of the rebel maidens to come out from their hiding places and join her in slaughtering the men.


While Jackalope does not condone savagely murdering entire groups of men, we respect the courageous nature that lives through the tall tale of Sarka. Joining Rompo Red Rye, Thunder Ann Pale Ale, Bearwalker Brown Ale, and Fennario IPA, Sarka Bohemian Pilsner will now be available year-round at both the Den and the Ranch on tap. We’re excited to announce the release of Sarka cans as well, so grab a pint at the taproom and take a six-pack home! Cheers!




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