Way Late Play Date

July 11, 2019by Jackalope Lisa

Enjoy everything below with beers from Jackalope Brewing Co!


From Adventure Science Center:


Big bucks, no whammies!
Join us for our Game Night edition of Way Late Play Date. We will be exploring the science of music and sound with a retro gameshow spin.

So “come on down” and make your gameshow dreams a reality. We hope “the price is right”!

Here’s what we’ve got in store for you!

Jeopardy: Think you’ve got what it takes to succeed on America’s longest-running trivia show? Test your knowledge against other contestants, live in the Sudekum Planetarium!

Brain That Tune: In our take on Name That Tune, we pit the power of your brain against you! See if you can still recognize the songs we all know and love without music, without lyrics, and more in this live game show!

The Midway: Tossing a ring over a stick is easy…that is, until you’re doing it at a carnival. Explore the science behind popular carnival games and how they’re rigged against you!

Board Game Exchange: Got a game that’s been sitting on the shelf for a while? Don’t want to spend a fortune for something new? Bring in your used games* to exchange for something new!

*Games must be in at least fair condition and must contain all necessary pieces and cards to be eligible to exchange. Games that are incomplete or in poor condition will be ineligible for participation in the exchange, but can be donated.

Big Machine Member Lounge: Most games are there to distract us from life’s big questions; not so in the Big Machine Member Lounge, our members-only area. Drop in for exclusive food and drinks, and explore activities that may just give you the answers you seek.

The Escape Game: A nationwide trend in entertainment comes to ASC! Stop by to try interactive puzzles and get a chance to test their new board game, Escape from Iron Gate.

Rabbit Hole VR: Experience VR at ASC , run by Nashville’s own Rabbit Hole VR!

Trivia and costume contest with Hypericon