Nashville Science Club

July 16, 2019by Jackalope Lisa

Meet at The Ranch taproom at 6:00pm on 8/8 for Nashville Science Club!

Topic: Vehicles of Space Exploration

Chuck Schlemm is a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador and President of the Middle Tennessee Space Society, with a goal to educate, excite and inspire the public about humanity’s future in space.  He has been studying the world’s space exploration programs for over 50 years and doing public programs for over 25 years. Chuck will use models of spacecraft from Apollo, Space Shuttle, International Space Station, the new NASA Orion Deep Space Vehicle, SLS rocket & the new Artemis Moon Lander for 2024, SpaceX Falcon and Starship (Mars colonization) rockets, and proposed Moon and Mars’ bases.  These displays remind people how far we’ve progressed and excite our youth to reach for the stars and pursue education and careers in the STEM fields.