Pump It Up: Shweaty Bingo Bingo!

December 26, 2019by Jackalope Lisa

We’re going to Richard Simmons our way into the new year by pumping up the jamz and getting shweaty with the Lady In Red as she kicks off the very first Bingo Bingo of 2020. Free to play and win a six pack, a pint, a mystery Grand Prize, and more fun prizes that will make you sweat! Break out your bands, your tracksuits, and shake weights because it’s gonna. get. heated.

⚡️Wednesday January 8th, 7-9pm at The Ranch Taproom.
⚡️PG-13, we just can’t control what Dirty Gerty the Troll says.
⚡️Aerobic-wear strongly encouraged. Bonus points for pastel leg warmers.

Bingo Bingo 2020 Dates:
Jan 8 | Feb 5 | Mar 4 | Apr 1 | May 6 | Jun 3 | Jul 29 | Aug 12 | Sep 2 | Oct 7 | Nov 11 | Dec 2