Live Viewing Party & Bingo: RHOSLC Reunion – Pt 3

January 11, 2024by Kat Schermerhorn

That’s right folks, this is for all you super fans of the RHOSLC!

Join Jackalope and The Lady in Revenge(Red) Dress for a drama-rama-rific Bingo & Viewing of The RHOSLC’s Part 3 Reunion Episode!

This event is FREE in Jackalope’s event space, The Loft.
Seating is limited and since you don’t want to miss this one, make sure you reserve your spot.

6 – 7pm: RHOSLC Fan Mixer
7 – 9:30pm: Live Viewing and BINGO!

Sorry Mary, we don’t offer Dom Perignon 2003, but we do offer:
*Jackalope Beer
*Wine(It’s Turtle Time)
*Simple Cocktails
*Non-alcoholic Beverages
*Small Plates & Other Snacks(you may bring in food from the outside too)

Sober January or not, there is popping hot drama-rama to sip on and we are thirsty! Let the reveals unfold and see who calls Bingo in the end!