International Women’s Day Workout at Jackalope Brewing feat. Merrell & WFYB

February 10, 2022by Jackalope Lisa

Work out, drink beer, and do some good. On Sunday, March 6th, Merrell, Work For Your Beer, and Jackalope Brewing will celebrate International Women’s Day early by hosting a HIIT-style workout benefiting Thistle Farms.

The Non-Profit:
Thistle Farms is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. They help ensure access to safe and supportive housing, financial independence, and a lifelong community of support.

The Workout:
This full-body workout will incorporate kegs as weights, making for an extremely memorable sweat session. You’ll be able to try on a pair of Merrell shoes to rock during your workout (and trust us, you won’t want to take those shoes once you get moving in them). Make sure you bring a yoga mat, a towel (for sweat!), and a water bottle.

We will be raffling off a pair of Merrell shoes, Work For Your Beer & Jackalope Brewing swag, and Thistle Farms goodies after the event. Grab a Jackalope beer (or two) to rehydrate and check out everything Thistle Farms has to offer.

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The Legal Stuff:
Please make sure to sign our waiver prior to the event here:

You can reach us @workforyourbeer on Instagram or