Eat Your Wheaties: A Game Night at Jackalope

April 23, 2019by jackalope-admin

Don’tcha wanna grow big and strong?

Cuz that’s the theme we’re going with! Building up, getting tougher, and winning the gold.

Deck builders, engine builders, leveling up, 4X, all that good stuff. Games where you get more powerful as you play. Then finish strong!

His royal majesty JK is hosting this event at the ever so wonderful and accommodating Jackalope Brewery at the Ranch – We’ll be upstairs again getting our game on, so come play!

GONG Nashville is a social gaming (tabletop, outdoor, trivia, etc.) community created to help people in Nashville make friends and support local businesses. Everyone is always welcome, kids included (unless otherwise specified.) GONG members are warm and welcoming of all newcomers. No Experience Necessary!


For more information, please visit Get Out ‘N Game’s Facebook or Meet Up.

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