Bearwalker CAN Launch

December 19, 2018by jackalope-admin

*Available at both The Ranch and The Den taprooms beginning at 12:00pm on December 28th!

Jackalope Brewing Company is excited to announce the release of our flagship brew, Bearwalker, in cans on December 28th. Since the brewery’s opening in 2011, Bearwalker has become Jackalope’s biggest selling beer, despite only being available on draft.

“Putting Bearwalker in cans has been secretly in the works for several years,” said CEO and Founder Bailey Spaulding, “one of the reasons why it’s so delicious, the pure Vermont maple syrup, is also what makes it a bit more complicated to work with than other beers.”

The extra fermentable sugars from the maple syrup are what could potentially cause problems with canning the beer. Jackalope’s solution to this: pasteurization. “The pasteurization process allows for safely infusing maple syrup in our canned beer, by eliminating any yeast cells that would potentially ferment the sugar. I’m so proud of the resourcefulness and creativity of our entire production team to tackle this challenge,” explained Steve Wright, COO and Co-Owner of Jackalope.

Bearwalker, a maple brown ale, is special to the brewery for more than just its sales numbers. The recipe is based on the very first homebrew recipe Spaulding wrote and is an homage to her home state of Vermont.

Jackalope chose local artist Chris Cheney to bring the Bearwalker can design to life. Cans will be available at both of the brewery’s taprooms as well as retail locations around Middle Tennessee starting on December 28th, with Jackalope’s other distributed markets soon to follow.