Band of Mothers

April 23, 2019by jackalope-admin

It’s Jackalope County’s Late Night Hourly Special with Diane Dickersum, but during tonights special this hot momma has a major issue… Disgusted with how margarine or “fake butter” is effecting the lives of moms and kids everywhere she has set out with her misfit “BAND OF MOTHERS” to raise funds and awareness via this telethon. Kooky local talent and musical guest star Mr. Butter stirs up emotions and brings up baggage as Diane tries to keep her life and band together.

“BAND OF MOTHERS” is a raucous musical comedy that involves Puppets, Original Tunes, Beer, and Butter.

Doors Open at 7pm
Show starts at 7:30pm
Leave Da Kids at HOME!

Band Of Mothers
Produced & Creative Direction by:
Cassie Hamilton as Diane Dickersum
Written in Collaboration with:
Grant Ferris as Hott Janice
Bethany Champion as Cat Momma – Vicki Dickerless
Kara McLeland as Busty Patsy on keys
Madeleine Hicks as Shirley Anne
Benjamin Olson as Mr. Butter & Friends
Jonah M. Jackson as Greg Dickersum & Friends